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Dear friends,


Although the Portuguese Parliament, Government and President have succeeded in legalising the barbaric Spanish death bullfights in Portugal, against the will of the great majority of the people they are supposed to represent, and against an immense wave of social protests and pressure coming from animal rights organizations and from all sorts of other entities in our country; and although Portugal is now still an even more backwards country at all levels - moral, ethical, civilisational, social, cultural political and legal; it is of the utmost importance that we maintain a strong, perseverant and combined effort against, not only the death bullfights, but against all types of bullfights.


So far we have a three-fold strategy, for which we request your immediate adhesion.


-       Next 29th August, from 3:00 pm to 6:00pm (Greenwich Time), when the first bulls will be legally tortured and killed in a bullfight in Portugal (and after this first death bullfight, several others are already scheduled), join the worldwide protest that will take place before most of the Portuguese Embassies and Consulates around the World;


-        (not for public so far) 


-       Everyday, from now onwards, and at least until the 2nd September, please send as many e-mails, faxes, letters or even call the Portuguese Political Entities mentioned below, and express your disgust and protest for this step they took. Also send e-mails to Portuguese travel agencies, to the General Administration of Tourism and to the most important Portuguese newspapers, saying that will not visit Portugal anymore, while bullfights remain legal in this country.


In order to make it quick and easy, we have prepared the following sentence that you can just copy/paste and send (by e-mail, fax or letter). However, you can also write or call and express your own opinion. The idea is to send your protest at least once everyday, so that we fill up and block their communications systems.

The sentence to send is:


Petition text proposal


Queremos Portugal no Século XXI e não um pais medieval.
Não à morte macabra de bovinos em Portugal!
A Humanidade agradece


(The World wants Portugal amongst the XXI Century Countries and not in the Middle Ages.The World says NO to the barbaric killing of bulls in Portugal!)


Long Version of petition text


After the legalisation of death bullfights in Portugal, as if it was not already enough to have legal bullfights, and especially when the overwhelming majority of the Portuguese population does not approve of bullfights of any sort, it is time to demand the end of every kind of bullfight in this country. Bullfights are brutal spectacles based on the torture and killing of animals for mere entertainment. They are an authentic moral scandal that affronts the most fundamental moral principles that we all share and uphold to. That is why the undersigned demand the total ban of bullfights in Portugal, as the beginning of the end of bullfights in Europe (in Spain and France) and in the whole world.


We believe that humans have the moral duty not only to respect animals, but also to provide them with the necessary and adequate assistance and protection, in order to assure their freedom, and moral and physical integrity. This is a moral duty that must have political and legal consequences. As so, we refuse ourselves to admit any country that does not recognizes this duty as civilised one. Rather, we consider it a medieval country. Portuguese political leaders should observe this moral duty, as well as the democratic one of corresponding to what the majority of the people who elected them demands. The end of bullfights is a social, cultural and moral vindication that has to be satisfied immediately. It is up to the highest magistrate of the Portuguese Republic to do everything in his power in order for that to happen in the shortest term.


Meanwhile, as long as Portugal keeps on allowing for such barbaric activities to be lawfully practised, we will not visit this country, boycotting its tourism, as an active protest against that regrettable situation. We hope that Portugal evolves soon in which concerns the protection of animals, namely the ban of bullfights, so that we may be free to visit the country again."

Thank your for your help and co-operation!