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Running of the bulls (2)


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Running of the bulls



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Cadillac Commercial

Running of the bulls

We demand...


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Rund um den Stierkampf

Rund um den Stierkampf

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Der Stierkampf  - Infos

Der Stierkampf

Allgemeines über Stierkampf, Der Spanische Stierkampf, Einführung, Der Ursprung, Personen und Geschichte, Mitwirkende, Der Stier, Die Stierkampfarena, Tücher, Trophäen, Ablauf, Hintergründe, In anderen Ländern, Spaniens Fiestas, Verbote, GALLUP-Umfrage, Appell

Stierkampf in verschiedenen Ländern

Stierkampf in verschiedenen Ländern

Spanien, Frankreich, Portugal

Bisherige Proteste

Bisherige Proteste

TV Transmission, EU-Subventionen, Extremadura, Coria, UNESCO, Frankreich, Carcassonne, Kolumbien, Portugal, General Motors/Cadillac, Ampuero, Guatemala, El Salvador, Olot, Spanien, "Proyecto Minotauro", Azoren, Rodeo in Berlin


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General Motors promotes Death!

Say no! Please take action now and join our protest compaign

Cadillacs Answer...

Info Protest

[...] They miss the whole point, the fact is that they are PROMOTING blood sports, making it "cool" for the public. The running of the bulls is getting more and more popular within the Australians, Americans and New Zealanders, so the "propaganda" is working. This needs to stop, these tourists have know idea of what is really happening behind the scenes! [...]

Sandra Wijnveldt, Creator of petition: "European Union allows sadistic torturing of animals because it's tradition"

[...] I had a good laugh about the caretaker. Everyone who has attended a Blood Fiesta / Bull run / Bullfight before and watched how the bulls were loaded and unloaded could clearly observe the use of electric shocking. I myself have a lot of them on tape. Loading a bull is not easy. The are definitely scared and under stress. Often they slip while being loaded/unloaded and hurt their feet. [...]

Mechthild Mench,

"Running of Bulls" for a promotion spot for Cadillacs new "Escalade" - Cadillacs Answer:

"Thank you for contacting the Cadillac Customer Assistance Center. We appreciate you sharing your comments and concerns with us regarding the Cadillac Escalade advertisement featuring the "running of the bulls."

This advertisement is a parody of a centuries old Spanish cultural event. The "running of the bulls" has been a glorious tradition that many advertisers have used in their own commercials and is an important part of Spain's cultural fabric and identity.

We appreciate your concern for the safety of the animals used during the filming of this advertisement and wish to share the following facts:

During the shoot, at great expense to ensure the safety of the animals, we only used three bulls to parody the famous "running of the bulls." Through computer technology we will digitally multiply the image of the three bulls to create the effect of many. The three bulls ran for only one village block (approx. 25 yards) and were on the set for approximately 2 hours. The bulls were motivated by the scent of oxen that were run on the street before them and at no time where the oxen in danger. No oxen were hurt while on the shoot.

A shoot day was cancelled due to rain, as there was a concern regarding the slippery surface. We wanted to avoid injuries to any of the three bulls. Also a veterinarian was on location for the protection of the bulls and the streets were secured and blocked off during the "running of the bulls" portion of the shoot. The three bulls where filmed on a separate day from the people and the cars and at no time were the talents and the bulls, talents and cars, or bulls and cars filmed together.

There were no accidents or injuries to the animals during or after the shoot (they returned safely to their home in Guadalajara). The three bulls were transported and held in purpose built holding areas which had water and food holders installed so that at no time were they without feed. They also traveled with the same caretakers who look after them on the farm.

Unlike other commercial advertisers, our shoot does not end with the corralling of the bulls in a Plaza de Toros (bull fighting stadium). This commercial does not endorse or depict a bullfight.

We apologize if our ad missed the mark with you. We do a number of different advertising themes because one ad cannot effectively encompass our entire customer base. It is never our intention to offend any of our current or potential customers and if we have done so in your case, please accept our apologies. We do appreciate your feedback and will forward your comments to our Marketing and Advertising Departments for their review and consideration in the planning of future advertisements.

If you should need to contact us in the future, please e-mail us again or call our Cadillac Customer Assistance Center at 1-800-458-8006. Customer Relationship Managers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Thank you for your interest in Cadillac!


Customer Relationship Manager
Cadillac Customer Assistance Center"

General Motors: Buick, Cadillac Worldwide, Chevrolet Europe, Chevrolet USA, GMC, Hummer, Oldsmobile, Opel, Pontiac, Saturn, Saab

Cadillac "Killer" Escalade Slogans:
"The fusion of design and technology",  "Heritage reborn"


Wir fordern:

  • Die Einhaltung von internationalen Tierschutzgesetzen

  • Keine Tierquälerei zu Werbe- und Promotion-Zwecken

  • Den Stopp der Dreharbeiten für neuen Cadillac "Escalade" in Grazalema und aller damit zusammenhängenden Tätigkeiten

  • Falls die Aktion nicht gestoppt wird, fordern wir auf internationaler Ebene alle Medienanstalten auf, sich nicht zum Mittäter durch Ausstrahlung dieser Tierquälerei zu machen

  • Falls diese Aufnahmen veröffentlicht werden, fordern wir weltweit dazu auf, nicht nur Cadillac, sondern General Motors insgesamt zu boykottieren

  • Wir werden alle uns zur Verfügung stehenden Möglichkeiten ausschöpfen.

We demand:

  • The observance of international animal protection laws

  • No cruelty towards animals for promotion and advertising purposes

  • The end of the this shooting work for Cadillacs new "Escalade" and all activities which are connected with it

  • If this action will not be stopped, we request all international institutes of press and medium not to take part in this cruelty by showing any spot concerning this matter

  • Shall these spots are to be published, we will launch a world-wide public request not only to boycott Cadillac but general motors in general

  • We will exhaust all available possibilities to stop that cruel campaign

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